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SRCS Athletic Booster Club

   The SRCS Athletic Booster Club was founded in the fall of 2002 by a group of dedicated parents and friends in order to support the growth and development of our P.E. and extracurricular sports programs. The ABC supports the physical education of every student at our school. Our club has helped our physical education classes by providing equipment that is requested by our P.E. teachers.
   We provide volunteers and run the elementary athletics programs. They are also known as Elementary Fun Days and are primarily for our Kindergarten through 5th graders. The team-based sports we have focused on are soccer, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, golf, and lacrosse. Girls’ lacrosse was added in May! These Fun Days offer students an opportunity to learn more about each sport, get to know other students, and participate in a school activity. Most Fun Days take place on the weekends.
   We also support our middle-school sports teams. Through our fundraisers
and family memberships we are able to provide teams with uniforms, equipment, and coaches shirts. The
Athletic Program at St. Raphael’s teaches students to respect themselves and others through competition and focuses on Christian sportsmanship. We offer our students the opportunity to participate in sports and prepare for future high school play.
 The success of the Athletic Booster Club is dependent upon the active membership and participation of ALL SRCS Families. We look forward to having you become part of our club.

ABC Donations
The following is a list of items donated by the ABC last year thanks to family memberships and fundraising.
-Pom Poms for cheer day           
-Polo shirts/or jackets for all coaches
-Pens for the 8th grade retreat and box tops wining class              
-Items for the auction basket, HSA and Golf tournament baskets
-Book marks for the library                       
-Pen & T-shirt for visiting author           
-Mugs for visiting firemen                       
-Pedometers for PE Classes
-St. Sebastian prayer cards for all team and club athletes
-14 ladies lacrosse sticks and goggles for the PE program           
-12 X 12 Paver for the walkway at the PAC dedicated to all SRCS athletes
-Gifts for the elementary school treasure boxes
-New uniforms for next fall’s volleyball teams
-New uniforms for next winter’s girls and boys basketball teams
-T-shirts for every 6th and 7th grader for the Fun Day Kickball Tournament
-In the past the ABC assisted with purchasing the bleachers located by our soccer field.

About 7 years ago (when the ABC was financially responsible for the hot lunch program) the ABC pledged $60,000 toward the PAC. The final $5,000 was paid this year. The following items were made possible because of the ABC and the participation of families like yours.
The items are: an electric score board
                           electronic basketball goals
                           gym pads
                           all gym lockers
                           volleyball sleeves




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Athletic Website
  SRCS athletic boosters club

Tim Malboeuf-President
Brian F. Russo-President Elect
Laura Rivera-Duchesne-Treasurer
Mia Washle -Secretary  

Jennifer O’Korn-Athletic Director/Spirit Store   

Judy Gallagher -Elementary Athletics Programs
Sarah Lynch-Concessions
Liz Caldwell -Membership/Concessions
Sheila Tubolino -Hot Lunch Coordinator                                          
Claudia Irvin-Hot Lunch Volunteer Coordinator


Membership Application

  team sports 2010-2011

Boys’ Soccer
Girls’ Volleyball (V and JV)

Boys’ Basketball (V and JV)
Girls’ Basketball (V and JV)

Boys' Baseball

Boys’ Lacrosse
Girls’ Soccer

Cross Country (fall and spring)
Baseball (spring)

Team sports are available to middle-school students. Saint Raphael’s Guardians compete with other area middle-schools in the Triangle Catholic School Athletic Conference (TCSAC).

In 2009-2010 67% of 5th through 8th graders participated on/in one or more athletic teams or clubs.